The Krakoon

High quality ingredients

An unusually special boilie, not only because of its black colour with a purple sheen but also, its grainy/crunchy texture. A meaty boilie made from mud-worms and squid extract. 

It will quickly diffuse its aromas in all types of water (cold or temperate). This boilie has proved to be particularly effective on lakes with high fishing pressure, especially with big fish. The Krakoon, a boilie that can bring big benefits.


Maize, lupin, hemp seed, wheat, fish meal, squid, krill meal, spice, flavour, salt, amino acids, color, egg. May contain traces of peanuts or nuts.

Analytical constituents:

Protein 33.3%

Fat 11.9%

Cellulose 10.1%

Ash 4%

Salt 1.7%.

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The Krakoon

Squid and mud-worms

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