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– Foreword


First of all, before presenting you the current situation (as of 20th may, 2021), we would like to remind you that everything is changing very fast at the moment. The truth of the day is not the truth of the day after, so stay tuned to all evolutions.

We are going to try to present you from our point of view: French anglers and carp fishing enthusiasts all we know about the resumption of fishing trips in France. Moreover as French forgive us in advance our small mistakes of translation.


– Travelling in France


Contrary to what has been said, the borders in France are open for people coming from European countries but also for a list of non-EU countries including the United Kingdom. In other words you are welcome in France!


– Travel from the United Kingdom


On the side of the British government, France is part of the Amber list. We prefer to tell you right away, this situation is rather disconcerting because the information is very contradictory. What we can tell you is that the British government does not recommend travel to these countries for tourism reasons. However, please note that this is a recommendation and not an obligation (no constraints or fines for those who wish to travel).

The only thing that applies for people traveling to the orange list countries is the 10 day quarantine upon return (with a covid test at 2 days and 5 days). A negative test on the fifth day can release you from quarantine.

In summary, this recommendation ensures that you do not catch covid or any of its variants during your stay. But then is it a risk for your health to travel to France.


– The Covid situation in France


The number of cases decreases in France every day, even if it remains at a higher level than in England. It is also important to know that the most important epidemic outbreaks are often located in large cities, very far from fishing lakes. Here is the graph of the number of cases in France :

An interesting French article that states that France has overestimated the number of covid positive cases by 12% due to a calculation error….

In France, vaccination has accelerated very strongly in recent weeks:

The graph above shows that France is very close to the number of vaccinated Portuguese who are currently on the green list. Currently, France has 22 million vaccinated people or 42% of its adult population.

30 million French people will be vaccinated in France by mid-June. 80% of the adult population should be vaccinated during this summer.


– Conclusion


Coming to France to fish on a lake where you will be isolated, where contacts with other people will be reduced to a minimum, does not make you incur any risk of contamination in France. At least not more than at home in your usual life. Remember also that France accepts travelers with a negative test. Every day people travel to France to fish. Remember also that PCR tests are totally free in France including for foreigners.

The main constraint is the 10 days quarantine period. In short, if you can live with this quarantine, then the French lakes are waiting for you. Beware we do not encourage anyone to travel, and we know that for the moment the British government advises against travel to the Amber list but there are no legal barriers. This is an advice.

And next ?


With the number of vaccinated people increasing every day and the number of positive cases decreasing, France should soon be on the green list. The question everyone is asking is when? If we try to understand the logic of the English government, France will be on the green list in mid-June or early July.

Once again we have to be careful because we cannot predict the future and even less with this epidemic. We advise you to subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of all the evolutions concerning the fishing trips in France.

In any case if you travel to France this year, we offer you a solution for your bait. Do not hesitate to take a look at our website.

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Power Nuts

With this boilie, we believe we have achieved the perfect blend of the many seeds which carp adore, including the legendary TIGER NUTS; they have an uncommon attraction with a very natural taste, reassuring even for the wariest of fish.

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