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As you know, since Brexit, it is complicated for anglers to bring their bait to France. This year we were able to propose a delivery service for our baits, thanks to a large network of collection points. In this first year, there are thousands who have trusted us and successfully used our baits.

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From now on we wish to associate lake owners with our success. How can you do this?

Very simply : You suggest Hexabaits to your anglers and you earn a commission on each order. The baits will be delivered direct to your lake, or address, a few weeks before the anglers arrive. No stock, no money to advance, no headaches!


We create a website in your colours, free of charge, dedicated to taking orders for your customers. We receive and process all orders. You wil be notified as soon as we receive your order and we pay you a 10% commission on the totality of each order. The orders will be sent to you in group (representing a quantity equivalent to 5 to 8 stays), in boxes dedicated to each client and each holiday. You only have to store them briefly and give them to the clients when they arrive. But our goal is not only to simplify your life…




You provide them with the address of your dedicated website via email, your website or, via social networks.Everything is explained to them and they just need to be guided


Direct from your website, customers choose all the products they want from the entire Hexabaits range. They pay by credit card.


The customer placing his first order on hexabaits via your dedicated website is identified as your customer and gives you the right to advantages on his next orders even if they do not concern your lake.

Double commission

Not only do you get 10% commission on all orders placed via your dedicated website but you also earn 5% on all future orders from your customers who use hexabaits for another destination. And this for life!

A wide range of baits


We use high quality ingredients and a low dose of natural preservatives. This allows us to produce baits that are totally safe for your carp. We have worked with lake owners for many years to find the best dosages to ensure that we do not impact on the health of the carp or the quality of the water. So you will see that our baits disintegrate easily after a few days in the water.




We know that baits are rather bulky and that keeping them in good conditions can be a problem. It is especially difficult to offer a wide choice to your customers (type of baits and flavours)



In this delicate period, it is always difficult to advance money without a guarantee of sale. We offer you a solution where you pay nothing and still earn money.


We manage everything from the receipt of the order to its shipment. Of course we keep you informed of each step, by email, as we do for the customer. The ordering process on the customer’s side is very simple and you will only have to pass the delivery on to the customers when they arrive.


It makes sense to remunerate you for all orders placed by your customers for your lake (10% commission) but we go further by offering you a life-time commission on all future orders from your customers even if it is not for a stay concerning your lake.



How do I create my Hexabaits website?

Very simply by registering here. Within 48 or 72 hours your mini website will be active and you can receive your first orders.

Is it free or not?

Our service is totally free. You will even earn one or more commissions on each order placed via your dedicated website

How does the customer place an order and when?

We recommend that your customers place their orders at least 2 months before they arrive on your lake. This allows us to secure all the necessary lead times for the production and shipping of the bait. We attach great importance to the deadline and therefore prefer to take an extra time margin to cover all possible contingencies associated with an order. Above all, this allows us to group the shipping of the bait.

How will I receive the orders?

We send orders in bulk. Most orders are delivered to you on a pallet (by appointment with the carrier). Each order is placed in an individual box with the customer’s name and date of stay. You only have to store them for a few weeks at most and give them to your customers on their arrival.



What happens if the holiday is cancelled or postponed?

If the holiday is cancelled and the customer’s package has not yet been dispatched, we can proceed with the customer’s refund.

If the holiday is postponed, we will also postpone the dispatch of the package. This is not a problem, just let us know as soon as possible.

Do I have to sell only your bait?

Not at all. You can sell all the bait you want on your estate. Hexabaits can be your sole supplier but also an additional solution for your customers.

Can I decide what kind of baits I want to sell to my customers with your service?

Of course you can. The strength of our service is that it can be adapted to each lake. In effect, some lakes prefer to keep the management of pellets and/or particles sales directly on site. In this case, we deactivate the concerned modules on your dedicated website. Similarly, if you do not wish to offer certain boilies, liquids, booster, … you can deactivate them from your dedicated site at any time and as you wish. Everything is possible.

What are the shelf lives of your baits? Shelf-life or Frozen boilies ?

Of course, we use shelf-life boilies but we use preservatives in moderation. This allows your baits to withstand transport, storage for a few days/ weeks and the duration of the stay without any problems. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the quality of the preservatives, particularly thanks to natural ingredients. This has a positive effect on the general quality of the baits and their effectiveness.


Can I order bait for my lake and have it in stock?

Both systems are possible. You can simply offer orders via your dedicated website if you wish and still offer some of our bait on site. Contact us and we will make you a price proposal depending on the quantity you require. Discounts vary from 15 to 30% depending on the quantity. You can also choose to offer our bait on-site only and not via the dedicated website. Contact us and we will be able to offer you the ideal solution for your lake.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs are paid by the customer when ordering on the dedicated website. You do not have to pay anything.

What happens once the order is placed?

You are notified by email that we have received an order for your lake, with the name of the customer and the date of stay. All the following steps are listed for you. You do not have to do anything more.

When am I entitled to a 10% commission?

As soon as an order is placed via your website, you receive 10% commission on the total amount of the order. This 10% commission is paid to you by bank transfer when the order is shipped to your lake.

When am I entitled to a 5% commission?

Customers are linked to a lake from their first order. If a customer places a first order with Hexbaits via your dedicated website then they become your customer for life. So, for all other orders they place on Hexbaits, regardless of the lake concerned, you will receive 5% commission on all these orders with no time limit. You build customer loyalty over the long term and generate new revenue.

How do you know that a customer comes from my lake?

Quite simply, each customer is identified at the time of their first order on our site by a unique number. The first part of the number is a number that corresponds to its origin (e.g. your lake). So, each customer is linked to a lake or a source and we can pay the lake for the following orders. They are your customers, not ours!

How much can I earn with this commission system?

It is difficult to make a forecast because it depends greatly on the number of customers you send us but we can give you some figures. The average basket on Hexabaits is about £300 per customer.
Imagining that you bring us 25 customers per year via your dedicated website, each spending £300, you will earn a direct commission of around £750 (10% of 25 x 300)
Now imagine that those 25 customers come back every year to other lakes and spend the average £300, you will earn, from those orders, £375 (5% of 25 x 300)
The strength of our system is that there is no time limit; thus 5% commission you get for all your customers’ orders on Hexabaits is for life. A real new source of income that can grow from year to year.

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