power nuts

The power of Tiger nuts

With this boilie, we believe we have achieved the perfect blend of the many seeds which carp adore, including the legendary TIGER NUTS; they have an uncommon attraction with a very natural taste, reassuring even for the wariest of fish. It’s balanced combination of the unmistakable Tiger nuts and a creamy combination vegetable mix.

But we didn’t content ourselves with only a seed mix for this boilie; we added a very special aroma that adds spice and tone to its overall flavour. This is an outstanding protein-rich amino acid mix. 


Maize, lupin, soy, chenis, wheat, fava beans, tigernuts, maple peas, egg powder, milk powder, salt, amino acids, stevia, flavourings.

Analytical constituents:

Protein 24.3%

Fat 11.3%

Cellulose 10.1%

Ash 1,9%

Salt 1.5%.

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Power Nuts

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A tasty mixture which will make you crack, like most of our French carp. The power nuts are a powerful melding of the best seeds with a subtle French touch.


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