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  • Boilies : 15 kg
  • Particles : 10 Kg
  • Liquid (500ml) : 1
  • 3D Boosters (100ml) : 1
  • Wafters (80gr) : 1

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authentic : 6 miles
bellevue : 4 miles
Boreal : 3 miles
Black SWAN LAKE : 6 miles
central carp : 5 miles
champagne : 3 miles
cheshire : 6 miles
crole lake 1 : 5 miles
crole lake2 : 5 miles
Deer Park Lake : 4 miles
dream catchers : 8 miles
estate lake : 5 miles
Etang de Villaine : 8 miles

etang du chateau : 5 miles
fontenat north : 4 miles
fontenay south : 4 miles
foye main lake : 7 miles
Grand Cerf : 5 miles
Izy Lake : 6 miles
lamber : 7 miles
Legendia Carp : 6 miles
L’ilot : 3 miles
marolles : 4 miles
mill of vaise : 6 miles
Morliere : 7 miles
noute : 5 miles


oulenbac 1 : 4 miles
oulenbac 2 : 4 miles
persat : 6 miles
Peuplier : 4 miles
plaine 1 : 5 miles
plaine 2 : 5 miles
Puyregonde : 6 miles
rotier : 4 miles
sapiniere : 4 miles
sauvage : 3 miles
tarnauds : 4 miles
The 3 Rings : 4 miles

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A true carp magnet, based on the legendary Robin Red. But that’s not all; we have added krill flour, garlic powder, stevia and we have pepped it up with many spices (merguez, paprika). A real little bomb, irresistible for the carps’ taste-buds.

The power of spices
From: £7,96 / kg


The Krakoon

An unusually special boilie, not only because of its black colour with a purple sheen but also, its crunchy texture. A meaty boilie made from mud-worms and squid extract. A winning combo that leaves no one indifferent.

Unique colour and flavour
From: £8,96 / kg


Brutal Nectar

Composed of tiger-nut flour, bird-seed, corn and a good dose of calf’s milk. But don’t be mistaken; as its name suggests, all this is enhanced by the heartiness of the rum and a slightly sweet taste. A real treat.

A powerful boilie
From: £7,96 / kg

4.8% ABV / 4 IBUs

The golden truffle

A boilie like no other: from its design to its manufacture, nothing has been left to chance. All our know-how is put into this. It starts with a very high proportion of top-quality ingredients, with a few secret additions!

High quality ingredients
from: £8,96 / kg


Exo Violet

Is it really necessary to introduce the legendary “Monster Crab”? In combination with our detonating mixture of blackberries and Krill flour, its power of attraction is boosted. The many catches attest to its remarkable effectiveness.

Blackberry flavour
From: £7,96 / kg


Octo Peach

A fish-meal and fruity boilie with a stunning peach flavour. Based on a high proportion of soluble ingredients, this orange coloured bait will allow you to make the difference in many situations. Particularly effective in France.

The excellence of a fruity boilie
From: £7,96 / kg


Power Nuts

With this boilie, we believe we have achieved the perfect blend of the many seeds which carp adore, including the legendary TIGER NUTS; they have an uncommon attraction with a very natural taste, reassuring even for the wariest of fish.

Tiger nut flavour
From: £7,96 / kg


Activ Tuna

We all know the strength of tuna boilies. The ability of this flavour to attract big fish is always surprising. The Activ Tuna will be a precious asset in your session, with the constant ability to attract big fish but, above all, an unequalled rapidity!

Focus on action
From: £8,96 / kg



We know the quality of English bait and the high demands of all anglers for this bait. We have therefore decided from the creation of Hexabaits to cede nothing in the field of quality. We have added our French touch in the choice and processing of flours. All year round, we are able to test our different baits on the most demanding, French, public or private lakes to offer you only the best.
As a manufacturer, we have been able to test more than fifty different combinations and only eight of them have been chosen, a strict selection with the sole criterion of effectiveness on our particular fish.

pellets & particles

We offer 3 ranges of 8mm pellets with the flavours of 3 of our famous boilies. You can choose between Redacy pellets (red), Krakoon pellets (black) and Golden truffle pellets (brown). More than just a colour addition to your preparation, they will give off all the flavours of the pellets they are made from.

With this you can add high quality particles to your pellets. Our particles are a balanced mix of corn, wheat, hemp-seed, and tiger nuts. All these elements have been rigorously selected to guarantee a great attractiveness of your baiting.


Activ Tuna Wafters

The formidable efficiency of the Wafters needs no proof. Combined with our Activ Tuna flavour and the white colour, you will find this a very effective hook-bait, especially on dark waters.

Price : £6 (80gr)


Octo Peach Wafters

The perfect combination of our famous fruity flavour and the incredible action of the wafters. A bait that will allow you to catch fish on all lakes, all year round.

Price : £6 (80gr)


Brutal Nectar Wafters

How can I offer wafters without offering you the Brutal Nectar version? With its orange-yellow colour and powerful fragrance, it is an astonishing mix

Price : £6 (80gr)


Redacy Wafters

We have kept the red colour in the wafter version of our famous Redacy, as it has proved its worth! We believe that it is at its most effective in this colour.

Price : £6 (80gr)


A really intelligent booster for your hookbaits, pellets and boilies, this liquid with amazing characteristics will totally seduce you. This kind of booster no longer has to prove itself and we added to ours to enhance its ability to work in all depths.



Our liquids allow you to add a touch of colour and extra attractiveness to your baiting. Our liquids in 500ml jars have the same flavours as our boilies: The brutal nectar (yellow liquid), the Exo Violet (purple liquid), the Redacy (red liquid), and the Golden Truffle (brown liquid).