Liquids (£9,96 per 500 ml)

All the flavours of our most famous boilies in ultra-attractive liquids. In 500ml jars, they will allow you to add colour and flavour to your baits.

3D Boosters (£8,96 per 100ml)

A really intelligent booster for your hookbaits, pellets and boilies, this liquid with amazing characteristics will totally seduce you. This kind of booster no longer has to prove itself and we added to ours to enhance its ability to work in all depths.


Our liquids allow you to add a touch of colour and extra attractiveness to your baiting. Our liquids in 500ml jars have the same flavours as our boilies: The brutal nectar (yellow liquid), the Exo Violet (purple liquid), the Redacy (red liquid), and the Golden Truffle (brown liquid).

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Smart 3D Liquids

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A powerful LIQUIDS

To be used on your boilies, hook-baits or baiting, these 3D liquids boost their attractiveness.

You can choose between 4 varieties of flavors from our boilies:

  • Brutal Nectar
  • Activ Tuna
  • Redacy
  • The Krakoon




We offer two ranges of groundbait based on corn, soya, krill meal, bird food and insect meal. You will have two choices: fruity groundbaits with a fruity flavour or chunky fish groundbaits with a fish meal base.

Supplied in 5Kg packs

Hexa Fruity Groundbaits (£27 per 5kg)

Hexa Aqua Groundbaits (£27 per 5kg)

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Exo Violet

This is a sure winner if you want to stand out from the crowd on complicated lakes where fishing pressure is high.


Based on the legendary Robin Red we have added krill flour, garlic powder, stevia and we have pepped it up with many spices .

Power Nuts

It’s balanced combination of the unmistakable Tiger nuts and a creamy  vegetable mix.  The secret is the abundance of amino acids…

The Golden Truffle

A boilie like no other: from its design to its manufacture, nothing has been left to chance. All our know-how is put into this !

Activ Tuna

The Activ Tuna will be a precious asset in your session, with the constant ability to attract big fish but, above all, with an unequalled rapidity!

The Krakoon

An unusually special boilie, not only because of its black colour with a purple sheen but also, its grainy/crunchy texture.

Octo Peach

Explosive mix alert! A fish-meal boilie with a stunning peach flavour

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