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Activ Tuna Wafters

The formidable efficiency of the Wafters needs no proof. Combined with our Activ Tuna flavour and the white colour, you will find this a very effective hook-bait, especially on dark waters.

Price : £6 (80gr)


Octo Peach Wafters

The perfect combination of our famous fruity flavour and the incredible action of the wafters. A bait that will allow you to catch fish on all lakes, all year round.

Price : £6 (80gr)


Brutal Nectar Wafters

How can I offer wafters without offering you the Brutal Nectar version? With its orange-yellow colour and powerful fragrance, it is an astonishing mix

Price : £6 (80gr)


Redacy Wafters

We have kept the red colour in the wafter version of our famous Redacy, as it has proved its worth! We believe that it is at its most effective in this colour.

Price : £6 (80gr)

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