Impressive smell

You will love this Brutal Nectar. With the sweetness of honey mixed with the power of rum, and a few secret additions, this boilie is breathtakingly effective. Composed of tiger-nut flour, bird-seed, corn and a good dose of milk, it will give a natural and lighter touch to the overall mix.

But don’t be mistaken; as its name suggests, all this is enhanced by the heartiness of the rum and the slightly sweet taste. A real treat. The Brutal Nectar works everywhere, and all year round, on both fast and slower fishing sessions. With its taste and strong smell, it will motivate even the laziest carp.



Maize, milk powder, lupin, wheat, soybean, egg powder, faba bean, tigernuts, English peas, flavors, salt, amino acids, coloring, stevia. May contain traces of peanuts or nuts.

Analytical constituents:

Protein 24.3%

Fat 11.3%

Cellulose 10.1%

Ash 1,9%

Salt 1.4%.

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Brutal Nectar

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This combination is a pure success. From the colour to the texture but also this particular flavour… you can’t help but fall for Brutal Nectar.


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