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Now, bringing bait to France for your carp fishing trip can be complicated or even risky. Hexabaits offers you a unique solution of parcel collection “on your route”, with a wide choice of very high-quality bait.

We offer more than 10,000 drop-off points in France, but also a drop-off point, less than 5 minutes from each entry point to the country.


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What can I say from start to finish it was first class. As you would expect when using a new bait and company you always a little weary if the bait will work and when we turn up to collect the bait your hoping the bait is there and is correct! Collecting the bait was fine and using the bait well 75 fish between the 4 of us in a week, it certainly meet all our expectations!! The power nut doing a 53.3lb Common to the brutal nectar helping me to 31 fish up to 43lb. The redacy also called caught numerous fish to 45lb as well.

Thank you again


Just got back from our fishing trip to Morliere lake in France, must say your service is top notch, we were very pleased with the quality of the bait products, even the collection was spot on with no hassel at all. the boilies and wafters (Redacy and Octo Peach) produced carp to 39lbs and sturgeon to 60lbs. 3 people were very pleased to say the least. Thanks again for your service, will use you again if we come back to France next year. Feel to use this feedback on your web site as lot of uk anglers need a solution to this situation and look for recommendations All the Best


Was straight forward picking up the bait had no problem at all, caught a few fish on them I liked the boilies very much and will definitely try again. 

Thank you again



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A true carp magnet, based on the legendary Robin Red. But that’s not all; we have added krill flour, garlic powder, stevia and we have pepped it up with many spices (merguez, paprika). A real little bomb, irresistible for the carps’ taste-buds.

The power of spices


The Krakoon

An unusually special boilie, not only because of its black colour with a purple sheen but also, its crunchy texture. A meaty boilie made from mud-worms and squid extract. A winning combo that leaves no one indifferent.

Unique colour and flavour


Brutal Nectar

Composed of tiger-nut flour, bird-seed, corn and a good dose of calf’s milk. But don’t be mistaken; as its name suggests, all this is enhanced by the heartiness of the rum and a slightly sweet taste. A real treat.

A powerful boilie

4.8% ABV / 4 IBUs

Power Nuts

With this boilie, we believe we have achieved the perfect blend of the many seeds which carp adore, including the legendary TIGER NUTS; they have an uncommon attraction with a very natural taste, reassuring even for the wariest of fish.

Tiger nut flavour



Many tests were necessary to find the perfect balance between spicy and sweet. 2 flavours loved by the carp. With the Onyx we have achieved our goal and created a carp magnet

Honey and Spices


Activ Tuna

We all know the strength of tuna boilies. The ability of this flavour to attract big fish is always surprising. The Activ Tuna will be a precious asset in your session, with the constant ability to attract big fish but, above all, an unequalled rapidity!

Focus on action


Be 100% confident in your bait

We use the highest quality ingredients, not only to guarantee the attractiveness of our baits, but also to ensure that they do not impact the health of our carp. We have been producing large quantities of bait for various French brands for many years and therefore know more than anyone else which ingredients and combinations work best.


Activ Tuna Wafters

The formidable efficiency of the Wafters needs no proof. Combined with our Activ Tuna flavour and the white colour, you will find this a very effective hook-bait, especially on dark waters.

From: £6


Onyx Wafters

The perfect combination of our famous fruity flavour and the incredible action of the wafters. A bait that will allow you to catch fish on all lakes, all year round.

From: £6


Brutal Nectar Wafters

How can I offer wafters without offering you the Brutal Nectar version? With its orange-yellow colour and powerful fragrance, it is an astonishing mix

From: £6


Redacy Wafters

We have kept the red colour in the wafter version of our famous Redacy, as it has proved its worth! We believe that it is at its most effective in this colour.

From: £6



















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